Breed: Hanoverian

Sex: Mare

Colour: Chestnut

Year: 2004

Sydney is the last daugher of the incomporable Adel, and is a full sister to MPT Champion Sadie.

Her pedigree, thanks to her dam Adel, boasts many Elite Status mares.

Sydney's great-grandfather, Grande (Graf/SPS Duellfest/Duellant) left an indelible mark on the Hanoverian breed. Grande is ranked in the German Eternal Top 10 sire list. He produces both Jumping and Dressage horss of the best quality as influenced by the blood of Graf on his sire’s side and Duellent on his Dam’s side. Grande sired 40 approved Stallion sons, the best know of these are Garibaldi II, Graphit, Gralsritter and Glander. Grande’s line dominates the sport of dressage in Germany and abroad. He is the grandsire of several Olympic champions including Gifted, Grunox and Gigolo FRH.

The G-Line is reknown as the most important and famous producer of international performance horses in the world both in dressage and jumping. In dressage, these horses are household names: Gifted, Grundstein, Grunox, Gigalo, Graf George, Girogione and Goldstern. Grand Prix and Olympic jumping champions include Gladstone, Everest, Gaylord, Genius, Grand Plaisir, Grandeur and Top Gun.

Sam Steele Sherlock Holmes Salvano Salem 
St. Pr. Dina 
St. Pr. Androne Akzent I 
St. Pr. Eskalade Eklatant Ecuador 
St. Pr. Anna 
Amulett Akzent I 
Adel Adlerfarn I Adlerschild xx Ferro 
St. Pr. Anglerbad Anfeinder 
Grande Graf 
St. Pr. Duellfest 
St. Pr. Wanessa