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Our property, set on 20 acres, features multiple large fields where our horses enjoy lots of time outside. The rolling hills are perfect for naturally developing muscles and balance in our youngsters from an early age.

Our 45' x 75', 6 stall barn has superb ventilation, promoting healthy lungs, with large boxstalls and dutch doors allowing horses to still get a bit of the outdoors even when they are snuggled up inside.  We also have a 20 x 32 isolation barn when needed, and a 1,000+ acres of hacking behind the barn.

We are firm believers in socializing our youngsters from first day of life to help them become secure & well-rounded horses.

All of our horses are well-handled daily from the start, building trusting relationships and exposing them to the world in a safe environment. This translates to riding horses who are easy to work with, have superb work ethics, and eager to take on new challenges.

We are excited to have a 70 x 140 arena under construction for 2017!

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